Uploading Local Files
  • 31 May 2022
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Uploading Local Files

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Article Summary

This documentation is prior to May 2022.

Uploading local files enables you to upload your internal data for analysis.

You can upload up to 1,500,000 rows or 50MB.

Supported File Types:

  •  .csv (Comma delimited)
  • .Xslx 
  • .xls 
  • zip (one file)

There are 3 options for uploading local files: 

  • Creating a Project
  • Edit an existing project connection
  • Export data from the Export >Run recipe button

Uploading Local Files when Creating a New Project

  1. Click Enrich. The Enrich page is displayed.
  2. Click . The Create a new project window is displayed.
  3. Type in a new project name. The project name needs to be unique.
  4. Select a use case from the drop-down. 
  5. Click Create project.  The Upload a dataset window appears.
  6. Select Local.
  7. Drag and drop, or browse to upload your data.
  8. Click Update. Your data is uploaded. 

 Uploading  Local Files when Editing a Dataset

  1. Click Enrich. The Enrich page is displayed.
  2. Create or search for a project.
  3. Click .
    The Change data and edit data dataset window appears.
  4. Click Continue. The Upload a dataset window appears.
  5. Select Local.
  6. Drag and drop, or browse to upload your data.
  7. Click Update. Your data is uploaded.

Exporting Data

  1. Click Enrich. The Enrich page is displayed. 
  2. Create, search or edit a project.
  3. Click the Export >Run recipe.
  4. The Schedule Recipe Run window is displayed.
  5. Select the input connection (optional).
  6. Select the output connection.