Selecting Output Connections
  • 02 Jun 2022
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Selecting Output Connections

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Article Summary

Documentation is prior to May 22

Output Connections enable you to select a destination storage in order to export results from Explorium’s Platform Engine.

In order to export data, you need to have a project that was already created.

To select an output connection:

  1. Click Enrich. The Enrich page is displayed.
  2.  Create, search or edit a project.
  3. Click Export on the upper-right hand side.
  4. Click Schedule Run. The Schedule Recipe Run window is displayed.
  5. Select  Output Connection. The Upload a dataset window is displayed.
    If no connection is selected, the connection which the Project was created with will be used here.

  6. Click on the relevant connector to create a new connection, or choose an existing connection: