Overview Of Enriching Your Data
  • 06 Mar 2022
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Overview Of Enriching Your Data

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Article Summary

Enrich enables data teams to quickly and easily enrich data with thousands of external data signals from various data sources. This helps data analysts and data science teams to quickly find and integrate the most relevant external data signals for their advanced analytics pipelines.

What are signals? 

Signals are interesting features that you extract out of data to help you make a decision. For example, maybe you are trying to predict stocks, or trying to predict the price of a house. The goal is that this is the signal that is going to drive the actual decision, a key indicator. 

To do this, Enrich leverages Explorium’s proprietary matching algorithms to find and integrate relevant external data signals to core data.

Enrich enables you to connect to your data, then explore our data catalog and enrich it with the relevant signals for your business and then can download the full data set including the signals, or set up the scheduled recipe flow run.

 Enrich is Explorium’s data search engine. It enables you to quickly do the following:

  • Get access to external datasets and join the external datasets to internal existing data
  • Export the data in a usable, standard format
  • Transformations, Enrichments, Predictions
  • Upload internal data or use Explorium Starters to establish core data
  • Auto-discover all the relevant data sources
  • Data gallery with 25000+ signals 
  • Public, premier, and proprietary data signals.
  • Auto recommended counter-intuitive data signals
  • Understand data impact and ROI before taking it to production
  • Configurable recipes to build pipelines
  • Search from 1000s of matched data signals
  • Easy deployments and data access via APIs
  • Build pipelines and scheduled data orchestration
  • Integrates with existing analytics or Predict