Configuring General Platform Settings
  • 11 Dec 2021
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Configuring General Platform Settings

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Article Summary

In the Engine page, prior to running the engine, you can select the models, feature selection algorithms and number of features using the Advanced Settings options.

Click the Advanced Settings option at the top right of the Engine page. The following is displayed:

Features Selection Tab

The Features Selection tab enables you to specify the type of feature selection algorithms that you want to run for model training.

You can hover over the  question mark icon at the far right of a feature row to display a brief description of that algorithm. 

You can click the link in each feature’s description to automatically open a specific research paper about that feature in your browser. 

You can also select the number of features to include in the model in the field.

Models Tab

The Models tab enables you to select various model(s) you want to want for training.

Click the dropdown arrow to select the model(s) of interest.

For more details about Explorium’s models, refer to the Demystifying Feature Selection: Filter vs Wrapper Methods blog post, which can be found at


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