The Platform Navigation Pane
  • 03 Feb 2022
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The Platform Navigation Pane

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Article Summary

The Navigation pane provides flexibility with several different views and options that help you to work as efficiently as possible.
When you select a model in the Navigation pane, that model becomes the active model, and you can work with the items within it.

Clickto increase the workspace view, and decrease the workspace view.
The Home page enables you to explore and select the right journey in our platform according to the objective you would like to accomplish.
Opens the Starters Catalog and your Starters projects
Opens the New Enriched Project Page which shows a list of Enriched use cases, and your Enriched projects.
You can also Start a new enrichment project.
Opens the Predict model
Opens our Data Gallery
Opens the Explorium online help
Enables you to contact Support, and to open the Submit a request form.
Provides you with the option of selecting Onboarding guides, Announcements and Explorium Documentation
Shows the user that is logged into the Explorium platform
Shows the tenant name

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