Logging Into the Explorium Platform
  • 13 Feb 2022
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Logging Into the Explorium Platform

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Article Summary

The Explorium platform can be launched in a standard web browser.

We recommend using Chrome.

Login credentials will be provided by Explorium or your local system administrator. 
To login into the Explorium Platform

  1. Log into the Explorium.ai portal: https://app.explorium.ai/ . The Login window is displayed.
    Welcome to Explorium.png
  2. Type in your email address and click Continue, or you can continue with your Google account.
    If you select to Continue with your Google account, the Choose an account window is displayed.
    New account name.png

If you do not have an account, then click Sign up. After you have you have signed up with an email and enetered a password, and you log in for the first time with the Google button, the Link Account window is displayed.
You have the option of linking the account when using the Google button. By default, a new account will be created with the same email. If you select to decline then you will have a different account than the one with the normal password login, and vice versa. Click Continue, the Choose an account window is displayed.
Link Account.png

  1. Click terms of service. The Terms and Conditions window is displayed.
    Terms and Conditions.png

  2. Click I agree.

  3. The Explorium Home page is displayed.

You can either search for an existing project or click Create project to start a new one.